Hair Chronicles Studio

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to partner with Personal Care Artist that are motivated by their passion to create the ultimate experience for EVERYONE.The beauty industry is highly fragmented with national chains, which operate diverse franchises catering to their own needs instead of the highly strained customer, including thousands of "Mom and Pop" salons that are restricted in scope and services. @Hair Chronicles Studio we believe that it is possible to offer a differentiated service through improved customer service at no greater cost if the right Independent Contractor incentives are provided.By delivering a home base and support system for Artist, @Hair Chronicles Studio will be able to effectively compete against larger chains and independent stores. A stylist will get the experience and training in all hair textures and encouraged to grow and challenge themselves in all areas of the industry.We have put in place a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that all qualifications are met. It has been designed to highlight your strengths and showcase weaknesses within the details. It is a fun hands-on test of your current SUCCESS! An exclusive glimpse of a tailored profession fit with the intent to EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS could be a GAME CHANGER!

Nina Skye