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The Guide That Will Change Your Life

This guide will enable you to go from behind-the-chair stylist to a complete business owner.

In this book you can expect strategy and guidance. It's about changing your mindset and leveraging your skills over your opposition.

I wrote this book for hairstylist with Big Dreams and are stuck.

When I became stuck I looked everywhere for answers with no avail so I spent the last 6 years researching and learning millionaire strategies.

I realized that to own an operate a thriving salon/studio you have to be business oriented.

Success is built on creativity and foundation.
It is Yin and Yang and most hairstylist are missing the foundation.
This book will show you how to become solid.


The Millionaire Guide for Hair and Beauty Salons

Beauty millionaire and author Nina Hall-Curtis shares her tips for success!

7-figure tips for beauty entrepreneurs
Four tips to go from starving artist to millionaire creative

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — As an award-winning hairstylist who has grown to become a business development strategist, Nina Hall-Curtis of Annapolis, Md. is best known for her edgy, rocker, rebellious haircuts and mentoring hairstylists in her community.

Described as a combination of Tabatha Coffey and Tim Robbins, Nina has molded her training of stylists on how to grow and scale their businesses from behind the chair into the forthcoming book, The Millionaire Guide for Hair and Beauty Salons (July 2019).

Nina is passionate about giving starving artists a seat at the table and has shares the following tips to help any business grow into a millionaire enterprise, ahead of her book release date.

Know your vision and start to build a foundation around your mission.

Start valuing your time! You have to become a time manager, make sacrifices and invest your money to gain financial freedom.

Reading is important. Book memberships is an asset to any entrepreneur. This is key to fast-tracking, expanding your knowledge and a way to bypass trial and error.

Start investing now. Nina loves the investment app Stash. Nina can answer and assist those who need guidance doing so in her free Millionaire Stylist Club . Anything else? Let us know!

Author: Markette Sheppard
Published: 12:05 PM EDT March 18, 2019
Updated: 12:05 PM EDT March 18, 2019

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She started out as a self-proclaimed starving artist, but built a salon business that has grossed more that a million dollars, thanks to what e says says are her key strategies to succes